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We are Lisa and John and we run a home DIY blog. In addition to our projects, we also share our adventures in cooking, baking and whatever else comes along.

RIDGID Drill and Driver Combo Giveaway

Authors: John

Happy Holidays!

This time of the year is gift buying season and boy do I have a gift for you.

RIDGID Drill and Driver Combo Giveaway

The folks from RIDGID have hooked us up with their newest drill and driver combo and I’m giving away one set to one of our newsletter subscribers.

Here are the contest details.

Giving away one R9000K...

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Media Center Plans Now Available

Authors: John

Well it’s been a while, but our latest set of woodworking are now available.  If you are a newsletter subscriber, you can download this tutorial from our plans page.

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The media center plans includes:

- A...

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Our Favorite Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Authors: John

In this post you’ll learn about

- Our favorite hardwood floor cleaner

- How you can save $3 on your next Bona product purchase

This is a sponsored post by Bona.  You can read about our sponsored post policy here.

With the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday fast approaching, Lisa and I will be in a near constant state of house...

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Reflections on the Home Office Remodel

Authors: John

With the year-long office remodel project behind us, I decided to take last week off from house stuff.  As much as I enjoy working on adding value to my home, it’s important to have some meaningful down time, especially when the project is fairly large.  You don’t want to get burned out with home projects or it sucks all t...

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Home Office Remodeled

Authors: John

Well, the time has finally arrived.  We’ve crossed the finish line and are now ready to give you a tour of our home office.  It’s been nearly a year since we first started and boy has this room changed.  Even though we’re saying it’s done, the room still needs to be dressed up with some decor, but we’ll ge...

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Cabinet Door Hinges and Drawer Slides

Authors: John

In this post, you’ll learn all about

- Cabinet door hinges

- Cabinet drawer slides

- What you need to consider when selecting this type of hardware

After nearly a year of part time work, our home office remodel is finally finished.  Stop back on Wednesday and you’ll get a close up of our newly remodeled space.  In the m...

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Our New Forums are now LIVE

Authors: John

Great news!  The newest addition to our website is now LIVE!  It’s the DIY forums and it’s waiting for you!

Let me answer a few questions you may have…


What are the DIY forums?

The DIY forums are a brand new area of this website where you can ask questions about your home projects, discuss projects from other...

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How to Install Cabinet Hardware Without a Jig

Authors: John

In this post, you’ll learn:

- a simple method for installing cabinet hardware

It seems that the closer I get to finishing this home office project, more small tasks keep popping up and they’re taking much longer than I anticipated.  Case in point: the cabinet hardware.  It took me a good two and a half hours to get two c...

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New Video: Making Built-In Cabinets

Authors: John

In today’s post, you’ll learn:

- how to make built-in cabinets

- How to make a beaded face frame

- What the build process for a cabinet looks like

After spending the better part of a week and a half painting our home office, I’m finally down to the last couple of detail jobs.  Although the office isn’t officially...

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How to Build Shaker Cabinet Doors with a Router

Authors: John

In this post, you’ll learn

- How to build shaker cabinet doors with a router

- How to inset the doors into a face frame for a high end look

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, then you’ve probably seen me write about building shaker cabinet doors before.  I’ve built them for both my large built-in cabinet...

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