Fabulous Finds

Sometimes the best additions to our homes aren't the shiny, new pieces.  Instead, it's often just the opposite ... it's the fabulous things we find on a neighbor's curb (or in their trash can ... shh, we won't tell!), in an antique store, through Craig's List, or as a fab freebee the present owner is only too happy to pass on to a new home.

They're the things that start out looking a little rough for the wear, usually eliciting that skeptical look from our friends and families, and quite often they grow into a project all their own.  But with a vision, a little love, and some elbow grease they turn into a one-of-a-kind treasure ... a "fabulous find".

And we want to hear about them!  Recent or not-so-recent, fixed up and lookin' pretty or still a work-in-progress (or maybe still on the to-do list ... we don't judge), tell us about them all!

To get this party started (ooh ... Pink song stuck in our heads now!), we've linked up to a couple of projects we've read about recently on HouseBlogging.com in the comments section below, but we're sure this is only a drop in the bucket, so we invite you to do the same!  Got a fabulous find?  Do tell!