Frequently Asked Questions

I have a blog.  Can it be added to

If you have a blog that's mostly focused on topics related to houses and homes - including home improvement, gardening & landscaping, DIY projects, decorating, building a new house, etc. - we'd love to have your blog featured on!  Please submit your blog so we can get it added!

My blog was added to a while back, but I'd like to make some updates to it.  How can I do that?

We'd be happy to update your blog - just drop us a note or re-submit your blog and we'll get it updated right away!

What's a Blog Category?

We added the concept of "Blog Category" to a while back to address the many different flavors of house blogs that make up our community.  We love all of the blogs, but we've come to realize that there are a wide range of topics that they focus on - anything from a whole-house period restoration of a historic property to thrifty and trendy interior decorating ideas - and we think it's unlikely that you'll be equally interested in reading all of the posts.

So, we thought it would be a good idea to separate the blogs into some high-level categories to make it easier for you to find new blogs that focus on content you'll be most likely to be interested in - hence the concept of Blog Categories.

Currently, there are three blog categories defined:  Home Restoration, DIY, and Design & Decor.  They are displayed on the Blog Directory page and can also be used to filter the blog feed on our home page to include only the posts from one category.

What's the difference between the different Blog Categories?

There's definitely some gray area and room for interpretation when determining which category a blog belongs to, but here are some guiding criteria we used for initially assigning a category to each blog.

Home Restoration Blogs

  • More than likely, the house is a older than its owner.
  • If this blog went shopping, it would most likely be found at the local Habitat for Humanity Re-Store or browsing antique stores and estate sales looking for the perfect period fixtures.
  • If the blog had a favorite TV show, it would likely be This Old House.
  • If featuring a project about lighting, this blog might focus on replacing knob and tube wiring or restoring a period light fixture.

DIY Blogs

  • When it comes to home improvement, it's clear that this blog's author(s) like figuring it out themselves and will try anything once.
  • If this blog could shop, you'd find it at Home Depot, Lowe's, or a local lumber yard.
  • This blog's favorite TV show is Home Time.
  • If featuring a project about lighting, this project might focus on installing a new fixture or re-wiring a lamp.

Design & Decor Blogs

  • If this blog could shop, you'd find it at Home Goods or Hobby Lobby ... or browsing an Etsy store online.
  • The blog's favorite TV show?  Anything on HGTV!
  • If featuring a project about lighting, this blog might focus on picking the perfect shade or spray painting an old brass lamp.
  • More than a few great ideas found on this blog were discovered on Pinterest. 

Hmm ... I'd like to change my Blog's Category.  Can I do that?

Absolutely!  You know your blog better than we do, so we'd welcome your input on how your blog should be categorized!  Please let us know what category you'd prefer and we'll update it!

I need some ideas for how to tag my blog.  Any thoughts?

Sure!  Consider including any or all of the following:

  • The architectural style of your house (colonial, victorian, split foyer, etc.)
  • The year and decade your house was built (1914, 1910s, etc.)
  • The city, state, country, or even neighborhood where your house is located (chicago, illinois, brisbane, queensland, australia, etc.)
  • Your decorating style (mid-century modern, arts & crafts, etc.)
  • Topics you blog about frequently (gardening, cooking, woodworking, crafts, etc.)
  • Anything else that makes your house or blog unique (rental, professional blog, etc.)

The goal of tags is to make it easier to find blogs focused on topics you're intersted in or that are most like other blogs you enjoy, so keep that in mind when you tag your blog.  Check out how other blogs like yours are tagged for more inspiration.

I don't remember adding my blog, but it's on your site.  How did that happen?

We launched with some of the blogs we enjoy reading, so if you didn't request that your blog be added, it's likely that yours was part of the blog roll we started with.  If you'd rather your blog not be featured on, just let us know and we'll remove it - no problem.

I have a question that wasn't answered!  What should I do?

We'd love to hear from you!  Leave us a comment below or drop us a note!